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Upright monuments consist of the die and base. The die is the top part of the monument that sits on the base. The tops are usually a “Serp” style; however, other styles and custom shapes are also available. The base is the lower part of the monument and generally has a polished top and rock sides.


If you do not see something you like on display, we can likely get it. Custom monuments can be created in just about any shape and size. Each one is custom designed and completely one of a kind.


Slanted monuments are wider at the bottom, than at the top. They are taller than the bevel markers. Traditionally, the top is a “serp” shape, however other styles can be available. They can be designed to include a base, or can be set without.


Bevel Markers are a few inches taller in the back than in the front, resulting in a beveled or slanted face. Because of this, they are usually easier to read than a flat marker.


Flat Markers sit flush with the ground. They are also sometimes called grass or flush markers.


Memorial benches come in many different styles. They can also be made to hold cremated remains. They can be used as stand-alone burial markers, or as a part of a larger burial design.

Benches are also a great alternative for areas such as parks and other public places where a traditional monument would not be suitable.

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